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It's been a while since I've done gesture drawing. I've usually done them like this but I'm never sure if this is the best way to do it or if there's other ways to do it with a focus on something lol. I'll mess around with this as time goes forward

Polyvios Animations

Well, wholemilk, I must say that your range of energy is positively and absolutely outstanding. Thanks for the excellent and incredible job.

My little suggestion to you is that, though your range of movement and expression is going through the poses and attitudes, but there's just too many lines in the lines of action and rhythm. Would you please work out through your lines with your elbow with 30 minutes of 29 second poses, using our custom sessions? (1800 seconds/29 seconds=62 quicker figure attitudes in sticks)

Now, here's the arguement, cause if you work through your elbow, then your range of broadest strokes will improve fairly well, and to draw them the most loosest, lightest, longer, and largest than ever, even if you're doing the smallest drawing tablet. For more details, be sure to look up the Glenn Vilppu Drawing manual PDF online.

Good luck to you and your goal.

milk and hazelnut

Thank you! I didn't expect there'd be a range of energy here so hearing that is quite surprising lol. And thank you for the resource.

I think I went back and forth from using my arms and my wrists since I'm more used to the latter when I'm trying to go with the former. I'm definetly going to work on that.

Can you explain to me what rhythm is? I think I have a vague idea from your comment and Jcmlfineart's comment but not exactly.

Polyvios Animations

Rhythm in the lines is when you're going for the range of flow and timing in your quick sketches and drawings. You see?


I think that this way is fine? I have also tried out the system used in the Force art books and although I do like that, I always end up coming back to drawing the stick figures. Your gesture drawings look great!



Try placing fewer gestures on a page.

When we have more than one figure per page, we are now having to compose a work- so that the figure we are drawing fits around the others previously drawn. This can hamper your expression in line and stifle your movement.

Instead, place no more than 3 gestures per page. It's cleaner and helps you focus better on what you are drawing. It is not a waste of paper, it's a way of allowing the figure more freedom on the page.

Also taking time to give a small amount of order to even your gestures helps you compose with greater results because there are fewer distractions. It helps us with the economy of the line because we are practising a quality of space. This is a wonderful move if you are interested in abstract, more minimalist art styles.

I know giving space to drawings may seem basic, but sometimes gestures are treated as fluff to get to what we really want to be drawing. "It's just a gesture" can lead to messier less promising results. Taking you longer to learn something you may have learned quicker if you give your drawings more space.

Give it a go and show us your results.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

milk and hazelnut

Oh thank you! I should've noted that when I made this, I did one pose per page then when the next photo came up I paused, hid the layer I was working on and created another one. In the end I changed the canvas sized and compiled it all together but my usual gesture drawings are mostly scrunched up similar to this one (I'm still trying to find a good way to do gesture drawings digitally).

Funnily enough, I am trying to be more simplistic/exagerated with my work haha. I'm just used to working really fast and messily and getting as far as I can. I'll try and take my time from now on.


Milk and Hazelnut,

Suppose you can try using digital pens that have adjustable lengths on the tip. I think Bamboo have this and so do a few others. Make the end longer, and then draw using an artist handling.

I know if you are working with a small Walkomn or tablet, this can be difficult; because you feel you must change the handling of your implement, get a feeling like "the page" is more useable.

Don't fall into this temptation. Evermore use an artist handling of a tool. Your quality of line will flow more freely and become less sketchy.

Secondly, try to control your breathing while you are drawing fast gestures. If we breathe quickly, our movements will be harsher, more aggressive and shorter. These movements translate to the lines we make as we draw. Try to breathe in and out slowly and keep a good posture. Drawing is more physical than we realise. It challenges both our minds and bodies. Staying calm in 5-second poses takes time. Why not make a breathing drawing routine to help you with the longer 30-second poses.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

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If you have time, you might consider drawing the "flow" lines lighter (or on a different layer) so you could build the figure without such a dark structure.

milk and hazelnut

Just for clarification, do you mean make the line of action thicker and all other elements lighter in order to differentiate them/see how they all come together? I can try and do that.

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