5 mins Drawing

by Microwaved Tom, April 26th 2022 © 2022 Microwaved Tom

I tried to aim for a flow in the curves of the muscles and overlapping skin but i am do not know how to decide upon the lineweight variation of the drawing.

I think this was more messy to my liking and i should get my priorities straight because i ran out of time for facial features and arm.

rate myself 2/10 haha


Hi Microwaved Tom.
I'm new to Line of Action but think you're being quite hard on yourself. I love flow of the lines in your work and, as that was your priority, I think you're getting that right.
Re lineweight variation, I use several criteria for making a line darker or lighter (or part of a line - because the variation can go with the flow). I think about proximity (imagine the line as a cylinder or pipe travelling away or towards you in perspective - as it travels away it narrows and is less dark) - you can do this with each line independently to help describe form or across an image as a whole.
I also use darker lines when there is a stark edge between values or to bring the eye to an area of particular interest. Finally, I often sharpen a pencil so that my darkest lines are not my broadest.
Hope that helps or, at least, is of interest.

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Microwaved Tom

Hello Ged!

I will keep note on your mention of perspective lineweight and use of darker lines in relation to particular interests of the image.

Thank you for great insight on pencil precision and lineweight!


Hi microwavedtom. I'm in a very beginer stage in drawing. But i want to tell something about line weight. I feel better in my drawings when the line is in overlaping area and i draw it darker, for example the right hand in your standing figure or the sholder in the recline one, i'm not sure this way is correct or not, but as i said i fell better with my drawing this way, give it a try.

Microwaved Tom

sure thing! I will try overlapping my line weight to draw it darker. Thanks for insight!

MJ Quartz


Give yourself more credit! I rate this a 10/10 simply because you spent time practicing in the first place! I love how fluid your lines are.

In an address to your line weight variation: Try using heavier/thicker lines on forms closer to the viewing position, and thinner/lighter lines to represent forms that are farther from the viewing position.

However, these are pretty sick! I'm impressed. Keep going, you're doing great!

Microwaved Tom

Thanks! I give that a try and post soon!


I really like the look of the upright figure! I feel like the chest looks a little narrow with how it comes up behind figures right arm but not too badly so. I think you had teh right idea with line weight on the top of the figures left fore arm and the underside of that arm's bicept coming into the body. I definitely get the flowing lines of the muscles. I feel like another really good example of the lineweight looking really appropriate would be the figures left knee, over the top of the knee would be a highlight and is lighter but to define the knee cap where the shadow would be is thicker. And below the knee looks good with the line defining the calf being a bit thicker than the underside of the thigh.

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