Alien Villain

by Skysoda, December 15th 2022 © 2022 Skysoda

I plan on renaming this once i've figured out a name for the character but for now it's this lol.

Current Practice goal is to improve my shading and rendering of lighting


it looks fantastic! i think my main critique mostly depends on style. this could totally not apply to the style you're going for, but with your goal, i think it could. there are a lot of small details that an artist can put effort and thought into to make their lighting on flesh more realistic. there's nothing inherintly wrong with your style of shading, it resembles cel shading which is an awesome shading technique, but with all the light around the character, i think more shadows and highlights could benefit it. you did do that in some places but i think giving a tint to the skin at different areas with different light and focusing on making it look 3d while maintaining the 2d style (it's possible with practice) i think it could look closer to line up with your goal. i hope that helped and keep up the good work!

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Polyvios Animations

Most awesomest job on your alien villianess concept illustration, Skysoda, very greatest and spectacular work on exaggerating and distorting your perspective and foreshortening.

One problem, where is your rough sketch for this? If you haven't done it already, how would you please free up your perspective figures with 30 minutes of 2 minute pose doodles? (15 doodles) The reason why is because, if your goal is to be a lot more intuitive but analytical with your perspective as applied to figures, then I suggest you try that out. If you're curious about perspective in general, then pick up a copy of Vanishing Point, and Successful Drawing by Loomis, if you don't already own that.

Good luck to you and your goals!

Happy Holidays,

Polyvios Animaitons,


Please also check this vid out.


Thankyou! sorry for the late response this is very helpful