Less is more?

by Janhackstrom, February 8th 2023 © 2023 Janhackstrom

Using a wider pen and fewer lines


Great job, Janhackstrom !

You've captured the essence of this portrait with very few lines. Everything is evenly distributed, which is good but also what makes the drawing somewhat weak.
Try to create a focal point by adding details or shading. For example, really detail the eyes, this way the viewer will have a point of interest to focus on and it will give your drawing more personality.

Keep it up, you're on the right track ! ;)


Thanks for the critique, Myfo! That focal point is not a bad idea. I'll try it.


Good work. The drawing nicely captures the model's mood and certainly a very clear representation of his face, and with only a few lines.



I like the way you caputered the mood of your drawn person.