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by Naima, April 3rd 2023 © 2023 Naima

Last picture of a 30 mins class mode.

Polyvios Animations

Say, Naima, greater job on displaying your action, mood, and form with your organic hands pose, yet, the flow in this attitude could have been even more expressive, so how would you like to make livelier pose drawings of them with 32 minutes of 2 minute hand sketches? The explanation behind this constructive criticism is so that your understanding of hands will have more reduced rigidity and to have even far more fluidity, flow, and more liveliness in your hands' internal energy, furthermore, if you want more information, please look into the link of the Preston Blair hand drawing lesson page here, yet it’s on to help you simplify more complicated stuff.

Hope you'll find this completely and definitely helpful, encouraging, and therefore, informative.


Great hands! But, depending on where and what your light setting is, I think you need to work on shading a lil more.