30 second figure studies

by Emil Leum, May 22nd 2023 © 2023 Emil Leum

I found this so helpful, but everything but easy. I definitely need to practice more of these,

Polyvios Animations

Say, Emil, nice job on all of those 30 second quickest poses, for they have the mostly greatest exhibition of quick sketching talent. Therefore, I'm not even getting enough of that wildest fluidity and flow in all of your poses, so how would you like to go for 5 minutes of 29 second quick sketches, using only our custom timer, but drawing them out with your whole arm and shoulder?

The reason is because, one, you can and will be able to get the most boldest and flowing lines that way, but second, you'll be able to be the most in sync with your motions and emotions relating to your models. If you're totally curious about quick sketching in general, animation specifically, then I'd like to recommend the link to the Vilppu Drawing Manual. My hat's off to you, veteran.


I love how quick the linework is! It'd be cool to see your sketches in pen/ink.