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by Naima, November 23rd 2023 © 2023 Naima

I am stuck, missing the flow and feeling stiff. Even drawing with my non dominant hand won't help. Feel a bit frustrated because it seems like I am returning to the beginning not even knowing why. Advice would be great!

Polyvios Animations

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving,🦃🍁🍽 Naima, and once again, great job on your flow of your figure nude. I think your flow is definitely and totally on the right track, but I feel that you couldn't worry, but it's unreasonable to expect instant success on something as ambitious a goal, therefore, these fluidities are totally on the right track. But, these lines are still seeming too stiff, so why don't you kindly free up your force lines with 73 minutes of 15 second poses, all done underhandedly, therefore all done with your non-dominant hand? (73x60=4380/15=292 drawn poses)


43-30=13, 138-135=3

The reason is, as a result, you could and should be less involved in the forms, but more into the humor, the idea, and most importantly, the charm and vigor of the sketch. For much of the information, here are some selected videos:





''But most of all,


Let's hope you've found these totally helpful but beneficial.

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Aunt Herbert

Don't know what to do about the feeling of lack of flow and stiffness, but I also don't really see the result of it in your lines. You find good solutions for where to place them, they indicate mass and even the dynamic of the figure well, you know where to abbreviate to make good use of your time.

Maybe just switch medium for a bit, treat yourself to a new pen or pencil, or even go ink brush, just to break up the routine and because everyone deserves some new toys every now and then?