by Aunt Herbert, January 2nd 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert

I dropped the ink brush for good old coal today... and then I dropped working from an abstraction and instead only followed the shadow shapes and details...

Quite expressive, but certainly not very naturalistic.


I'm not an expert so forgive my errors. The only thing to fix here is shading. Apart of that the face and expression is great.

Aunt Herbert

Thank you for your reply. Never feel like you need to be an expert to give a critique. If we only drew for experts, we would narrow our possible customer base to a ridiculously small size.

And yes, the lines I used for the shading are quite sloppy. And they don't need to be, and I would do myself a favor to pay more attention to that, even when my attention is declining at the end of a (for me) long drawing.

Good observation, I made a mental mark for myself.

Polyvios Animations

You know, I don't think I'm either an expert or a master of faces and expressions yet, and I think your facial skull and muscle anatomy in your goofiest facial attitude. In addition, these forces of the facial muscles are too rigidest to me yet in terms of exaggeration and satire. How would you like to go ahead with our 1 hour class of faces and expressions?

The reason is because your facial forces and muscular anatomy can and will become the least stiffest and the most moving and fluidest. For most details, particulars, and info, please look into the Sarah Simblet book on Artistic Anatomy.

Good luck from me to you.