Just some short drawings

by Naima, February 9th 2024 © 2024 Naima

Tried to spent some time in shading ( upper right) to get an idea what to do with short gestures. My goal is to do some colour studies

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Naima.

Once again, greater and greater job on your figures' forces over forms with as fewer and as fewer lines as possible. But, I'm still getting too much stiffer and too much stiffer angles and straights. Would you like to kindly push your curves more with 75 minutes of 13 second poses(75x60=4500/13≈346 scribblier, scribbler, and scribblier poses), all done from your dominant shoulder, but from your non-dominant shoulder.

13x1=13, 13x2=26, 39,52, 65, 78

45-39=6, 60-52=8

The reason why you could, should, and would go ahead with this constructive critique is because your balance of curves vs. straights will become less, less, less, and lesser than stiffer, and therefore more, more, more, and more action packed, gutsier, and sparkly with life.

Keep up the greater works.