20.03.24 35 mins

by Aunt Herbert, March 20th 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert

I like to pimp up contrast and reduce brightness when scanning. I think it does look cool, but I am not so certain, whether it makes sense in a learning context.

This one is with all contrast and brightness setting at default. There are probably more details of my workflow visible, but obviously, I can't get the ptch black values that I love so much that way.

Self critique: I am a bit meh at the shadow forms I found, they kinda work, but the line quality doesn't exactly wins a prize.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again and good afternoon, Aunt Herbert. It's me again, and how are you doing today?

Say, nicest job on your very first 90-minute (1 hour 30 minute) class mode of a final 35-minute drawing. I really love how much forces you've applied to your edges, spaces, proportions, angles, lights, shadows, and of course, the whole of that figure, that is the gestalt, the thingness of the figure. Great job on how great your articulation is on your scanner's brightness and contrast compound on your traditionally done drawing. Is it done by either graphite, matt graphite, or carbon, or charcoal?? Any way, I'm still not getting enough of that grotesque caricature, distortion, and exaggeration yet. How would you like to please just work yet another 1 hour class of figures, all done using your shoulders???

The reason is because, you can, shall, and will become the most bold and most powerful in your gestures and arc lines. For more details, please look into some free Proko vids online.

Good luck to you and your artistic pleasure.