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by Riva, March 29th 2024 © 2024 Riva

I had someone in a critique suggest I try drawing the ribs, I think it helps. At least it helps me reference the hips and legth of arms.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Riva.

Again, most boldest job on your line confidence and space confidence and the most self-confidence of your relationships (proportions and angles). But however, I'm still thinking and feeling too deeply about your ribcage length errors. Therefore, you gotta ask yourself, what sex/gender is the body that ribcage is based on? But, I'm still not too satisfied in your hairiness in your lines. How would you like to kindly go ahead with 105 minutes of 2 minute poses, and some 2 minute anatomy bone poses you can and will find on your favorite search engines, including Pinterest?

The reason why is because, by combining the most solidest bone studies with completely and totally forceful gesture studies, then I can validate you to go ahead. So, for really most details, kindly take a suggestion to look into some Andrew Loomis books on figure drawing and anatomy.

Good luck to your most creative and artistic progress.

Aunt Herbert

Yes, exactly. Skull, ribcage, hips at that stage aren't eactly anatomy, they are landmarks, that help measure the proportions correctly.

From a practice point of view, I think you would still benefit more from focusing on shorter drawings, just to get more confident with the proportions first.

Maybe try "all the same length" and 2 minutes for a while. That way you don't feel in such a hurry, and you don't waste a lot of time with details and shading, while you still fight with getting the underlying construction engrained.

Even shorter times than 2 minutes could also be useful, but with the express goal to keep the same drawing rhythm as in longer drawings, and getting used to NOT finishing every draft, but to focus on finding and understanding essential first lines instead.