bit of urban sketching

by Aunt Herbert, March 29th 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert

haven't done one of those for a while, but the spring weather made me do it.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again.

Nicest works on your charcoal and charcoal pencil sketch of the bike bench from your town in Germany, 🇩🇪 I guess. I love how much gesture you've applied to the edges, compositions, spaces, forms, and tones in your park scenic drawing. However, I'm not getting enough of your strongest violence in your forces and gestures in your scene. How would you like to please kindly go ahead with 10 minutes of 2 minute scenes and scenics, all done from your dominant and non-dominant hands altogether?

The reason is because, your scenes and environments can and will become the least rigidest but the most intensest, vitalest, and energetic mostly than ever before. For most info, please look into that Vanishing Point ebook on Kindle.

Good luck to your most ambitious journey.