Just some shading

by Naima, April 30th 2024 © 2024 Naima

Done within a 30 min session. Goal: to keep just in a 3 value process

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Naima. Again, greater job on your forces, silhouettes, relationships, your 3 tones, and your thing-ness of the pose as well. Please go as far as you can go, and then go farther,but I'm not getting enough of your really more holistic quality of your toned figure yet. Would you like to please work more quickly with a 10-minute pose, using your goal's three tones, but flipped vertically?

The reason is because, you can see your tones, relationships, spaces, and edges more clearly from the right side of your brain. So, you're really curious about the brain for art, I may recommend you this video here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo28GuKeDAPgo0iSgND0n5y6msT-YHDdd&feature=shared It's a playlist, actually.

Let's hope this works. Thank you, and Κάλι Ανάσταση !


Ευχαριστω! It's a fun video!

Aunt Herbert

Wow, that rough and dark paper doesn't seem to fit very well to your goal to keep 3 separate darkness values, as the heavy structure produces massive variation within each value.

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You got me, sometimes I tend to make it very hard for me. Thinging exercise have to be done on cheap paper ( this one I found). But your comment woke me up. Thanks!

Aunt Herbert

Remember, standard letter paper from office supply is about 2 cents a page or less.

Kim - Administrateur du site

I will add - I have had a lot of success finding paper at thrift stores like Goodwill for $1-$2 for 250 - 500 sheets. Sometimes the edges are a little mussed up, but for exercises it's perfect!