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by Wewsyeye, July 8th 2024 © 2024 Wewsyeye
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Hello and welcome to LOS, Wewsyeye, I'm Polyvios, and how are you doing today?

Say, you've done a great job on retaining your faith in your rough gesture ✍️ thru silhouette and relationships (proportions and angles). I think you're getting this concept of gesture drawing and quick sketching, but I feel that your lines are not even getting enough of your gestural expression and emotion in your line quality yet. How would you like to kindly do 10 30-second drawings of figure poses?

The reason why is because your gestures and lines can become less timid, but they will become more gutsy, vital and energetic in your posing and exaggerations.

Please just trust me on this one, for you can and will make yourself get better at drawing the lines of figures with action, for

Practice makes progress, but progress makes perfect.

So for more details, please may I recommend you these following three titles:

-Drawn to Life, Vols. 1&2

-Vilppu Drawing Manual PDF

Good luck to you!;)


I like the way you did the legs. I have such a problem with arms and legs! Lol. Is the head a little small?


Nice pose, good upper body and thighs!

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