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    Here are some of my 1 minute poses I did and I hope to receive some advice!

    Thank you :D


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    Good evening, Yokurt and welcome aboard to our website, I'm Polyvios Animaitons and how are you doing tonight?

    OK, listen, I'm here for two reasons, first of all, greatest, greatest job on rendering your feet and legs in terms of form and perspective with the fewest amount of lines, and second that most of them look or seem alright, except for the first drawing, as the first pair of feet in the first standing nude of the first sketch appears to be floating in the least dynamic way. Kindly free up your hands with 2 59 second drawings of figures and feet with a custom timer. The reason why is because to make your observation and caricature of feet the least stiffest, and the most solidest, fluidest, most alive, and the most motivated from the soul in dynamics. For most info, look into a PDF set of images of the Eliot Goldfinger human anatomy book in Archive.org.

    Hope this helps out and my hat's off to you and good night and have the greatest week.


    These are simple and clean. You hit overall proportion pretty well, with very little information.

    the weakest part of your drawing is your feet, I recemend hitting some boney landmarks where the tibia and fibula meet the ankle and then build the form of the foot around it. You can maintain the simplicity you have if that is the route you want to go, but the feet litterally ground the figure to the environment around it.

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    Yokurt; your work is lovely thus far.

    the flow & understanding shape/ proportion are present. Learning to break the figure down into smaller shapes will help you with learning the anatomy's of the leg & foot. The tube technique will also help with wrists & hands.
    'Breaking down the construction of the body into tubes is helpful in learning anatomy which will help you capture the pose better

    try drawing from your shoulder to help with overall flow & liveliness in the gesture drawings


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