2 minutes Face gestures...need some feedback

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    Hello people, i'm here again for some feedback

    This time my practice was on facial gesture, 2 minutes per face. I used the tool of the site to only happy faces for this one. I'm not so comfortable with this but somewaht i'm finding myself withim a dark-cartonish style (?), anyways i tend to abstract and geometrizise (that word exist in english?) most of the shapes so it goes more or less in a cartoon way.

    First page

    Second page

    Hope to see you in comments

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    I like how you conveyed emotions, your work really looks cartoonish and this has its own peculiarity.

    However, the sketches look flat, there is very little volume, but I like that there is work with a line (thickness)

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    Thank you and yeah, i understand, volume can be represented with lines. But since it's a 2 minute practice i decided to prioritize gesture and value on lines. However i'll make volume studies, it could help me nail down these abstract/geometric style


    Believe it or not, emotions are much more difficult to convey than strictly academic proportions. With that in mind, you have provided the more difficult of the equation.

    I would recommend to study the Loomis method for head construction and find a way to integrate your gestural emotional forms into the more guided head drawing.

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    Thank you!

    I guess i'm better at gesture because is what i take priority when i study with a time limit. I, indeed, don't seek realism for the naturalistic side of what fine arts take as realism but as the more raw and visceral reality could be. So convey that rawness trough strict proportions could serve what i want but also not. I guess what i seek is volume and some sort of abstraction, in the way that you could separate those aspects of what is real and raw them and geometrize them, anyways, wall of text...i tend to derive my thougths whenever i talk about art... What you told me is quite helpfull tough, i'll take a look on the loomis method

    Have a good week

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