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    This is my first time using the site, I'm really liking it so far! I'd like critique of some figure sketches I drew.... I haven't done any art in over a year due to personal issues and I'm slowly trying to get back into the groove.
    here are the images: https://imgur.com/a/s22r352

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    Hey Memoirlee and welcome! =) these gestures are okay, but it looks like you are trying to use anatomy and gesture without any shapes to attach the anatomy onto. If you (like me) struggle with breaking down the body into simple shapes. try focus getting the gesture down with as little detail as possible. I know the breasts look like an important landmark but they're not, they're balloons filled with water ontop of a box and can easily be added at a later stage.

    So try focus on getting the lines of action down with as little detail as possible (when it comes down to 30 second poses), speed comes with time, don't sacrifice quality for speed because then you will end up with bad habits which take even more time to unlearn. From what I understand 30 second poses are great to get a sense of the proportions of the figure and are not meant to convey detail unless you can do gesture, construction and anatomy at the same time which comes after we've got a firm grasp on them.

    I hope I'll see more sketches memoirlee and not just 30 second poses! =)
    Good luck!


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