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    Hi all. I just found this marvelous site and have been using it to improve my figure and gesture drawing. I'm a more mature, aspiring artist and do quite a bit of digital work. I was trained as a graphic artist many years ago, but to be honest, I want to draw, sketch and paint. With my hands.

    I still do a lot of digital work, because I have to pay the rent, but I am learning quite a bit.

    So glad to be here.

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    Hi Cherrera? How is going on?

    I'm a beginner to this world of drawing too and learning english at the same time, so a beginner in general haha. I wish you continue with the practice and in the future you will make beatiful artwork ;)


    Ane, Thank you! I'm trying.

    I have been drawing nearly every day. 30 minutes to an hour.

    I know it doesn't seem like much time I'm devoting to it, but I am getting better. I'm currently participating in a 30-day sketching challenge. I have to sketch at the very least 30 minutes per day. The challenge ends on September 7th.

    Is anyone else going to do Inktober this year?

    I think I would like to try, though I'm not sure how to even start yet...


    Hey Cherry! I just found this place too! I’m super excited to practice more. I’m really bad about putting in daily practice. My current goal is at least 5 minutes a day, even if all a I do is a bundle of warm up 30 sec sketches. Which isn’t a lot but for most people but for me it is.

    im planing on doing inktober but I often find it challenging to stick too. I’m just so scattered and can be pretty hard on myself so I often fall off the train after a week or so.

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