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    The sphere. I've done a few of these in the last days. It's harder than it looks, and then it's actually quite hard to take a picture of it without getting reflections that makes it look unevenly shaded. I think it looks al right but the shape and placement of the "terminator" have strayed a bit off course.

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    Well there, Thestripper,

    I love so much on how much effort you've put into the shading and lighting of the spheres. Why don't you please check out this video???

    The reason why is because, though there are very different examples online, then this would be completely and positively helpful on the studies. Cheers, and I hope this would be totally useful and informative, too: https://line-of-action.com/article/master-pencil


    I really like the perception, you also did really good foreshortening. I'd say for a solid object like a sphere, you want a more shading. Really helps the shape when you have defined shadows.


    Hi. Thank you for your insight. But is there really any foreshortening going on when drawing a sphere?


    Nicely done, but take look at the cast shadow on the tabletop. Draw a line from the right edge of the cast shadow tangent ot the sphere. Do the same on the left side. Those two lines should be parallel, at least if there is a single light source. You are right, it is not easy!

    That Proko video is a good one.





    Thank you for that! And right you are about the cast shadow. Loomis has some very very good descriptions of this in some of his books that I've read after posting this first one. I haven't put the perspective system he explains into action yet, but I think I am just about am starting to get it. I've done maybe 6 or 10 more spheres this last week, no really long ones though but I would say they are better than this one. Nailing the shape and placement of the terminator is the biggest challenge. I also did one sphere with a smaller spehere inside the cast shadow of the big one.

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