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    I rarelly skip poses or models, but sometimes certain models are exciting to draw when they come up in the rotation. I find myself very excited when the newest model ALex shows up, not just because of his different body type, but because he has a strangely nordic quality, like a viking.

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    Nice topic Drunkelelf.

    Unfortunately I cannot tell the names.

    In the figure drawing parts, I like the female model, a little chubby with the ponytail (mostly wearing underwear) a lot - probably the most. She has very soft and female looking shapes and nice volumes, and I like the poses which are to me the right balance between not-too-simple and not-too-complex. I also like the pictures with the fully dressed afro-american woman who does these martial-art-like poses often with extreme perspective foreshortening. Though I mostly terribly fail in sketching that. lol.

    In the figure drawing I skip quite a lot for different reasons, mostly for the pose being too boring or the light being too bad. And for some reason, I do not like most of the poses of the guy who is climbing trees. I really cannot tell why, it's not him, its just the poses.

    In the portraits/facial expressions my absoulte favorite is the woman with the hair band. Not only does she have (IMHO) an exceptionally beautiful face though not looking like a typical beauty queen. She also presents super interesting perspectives and extreme facial expressions. The hairband and her hairstyle help to make resemblance (to some extent) an achievable goal. I think I have not yet seen a photo of her that I did not love, and often, I browse back after my time is up because the photo deserves a more finished sketch and I cannot let it go. I also like the guy with the red (? sorry I am colour-blind) hair and beard and the very long and rectangular head shape a lot, also for the perspectives and expressions. For him, I am using a kind of Loomis-method but with boxes, and I feel that drawing him greatly helps me to get better at drawing the head in perspective.

    In the portrait drawing I rarely skip - only if I have too many neutral expressions in the front-view in a row. The portrait collection on this page is absolutely outstanding to me, I could not think of how to do this better. Biiig kudos to Kim and to all models!!!

    And by the way, I was struggling super-hard with drawing hair, doing countless tutorials - without significant success. A few hours of 3 minute sketches were the game-changer here. If you only have 10-15 seconds for the hair, you naturally focus on the big shapes, and that was what I had always been missing.

    Finally, I think that the afro-american body builder available in both tools deserves some kudos - they are very well lighted, the poses/expressions are always interesting and his face/beard/hairstyle is so characteristic that it drives me to a more cartoony approach.

    Sorry, for extending this to the "story of my life", but I rarely contribute to the community, because I mostly come for drawing and very often I even do not log in. You inspired me, Drunkelelf.

    Have a lovely day all, and keep practicing with line of action - I can really tell that nothing helped me more to improve my skills than doing this regularly.

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    No problem dude! Im glad you've had some break throughs with hair! Recently I figured out that often when trying to learn how to draw one thing, I had an inclination to over do it on tutorials and try to incorporate everything I learned all at once wihtout practicing each lesson along the way. It helped a lot to slow down and learn lesson before really jumping to the next one.

    Its funny, I actually love drawing the guy in the tree. His poses are usually at an odd angle or contorted so I have a good reason to really exaggerate the poses.

    Keep up the good practice! Nothing better than just making art!


    Ya know, I just don't care. I love ALL of my models as if they were my own great-grandchildren! (As long as I can grey, flip, and rotate em, so that I can have fun with observations) Not to mention for very, so highly different reasons. Take for example, the bearded model (clothed or nude or anywhere in between) for I'd love to caricature the vitality of his beard lines and shapes.


    My favorites flip and change all the time too, but sometimes a cirtain model or pose just vibes with me and Im excited to try and draw the body. There is one models poses that are so exaggerated that its impossible to over exxaggerate the pose without REALLY pushing it. He felt like drawing spiderman in an action pose.

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