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    have been doing some gesture drawing here for over an year. Just posting some of my latest drawings here. Any kind of feedback is very welcome.

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    Looks good, I can match up at least a couple with a stock image for the pose, so you’re definitely getting some likeness. And the lines aren’t feathery, instead you have a good mix of straights and curves. And you’re getting pretty deep into observing anatomical structure.

    The main thing I see as missing is a sense of light and dark. There’s a bit from your use of line weight, but you’re definitely avoiding adding any kind of shadow shapes or highlighted areas. That might be right depending on your goals? But if you’re out of ideas for where to go then definitely think about lighting.


    Hi Cyril!

    So many drawings! You've really been working hard.

    I love the thick, confident lines in these sketches. The figures jump out immediately and the poses are all very clear and easy to identify. You do an amazing job at defining the muscles in contour and it really helps to identify the weight and centre of gravity in the pose.

    Since you have such a knack for these sketches, maybe you could push yourself to do longer, finished pieces. Whether it's on here or in a live class, I think you would produce some amazing work with a pose of several hours and it may help you to pin down the fine details.

    I love your use of inside contour in these pieces to give depth to your figures. They feel so rounded and fleshy even with minimal shading.

    Great work! Keep going!


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    Hi Cyrilpdev!

    I really like your drawings and I could never draw in the same way. Critique end.

    Just kidding, I skimmed through the tutorial, so let's get to the real critique. ;') (What I said before is still right though)

    You got a great flow in your lines and I think you do well at getting grip on how the human body works. I get the impression your style works better for women or you practised female anatomy a little more. Anyways: I'd take a look at male anatomy here and try focus on how angular and blocky the male body is. Especially around the hips and arms, your figures seem a little clumpy. A good way to practice drawing arms is to imagine them as a chain.

    For the muscles and stuff, I'd take a look at the masters (Michelangelo, Bernini, Raphael, etc.) and how they practised. Imo you are at a point, at which you could dive right into getting a few more details into your work!

    You do a great job on simplifying the human body and on keeping your lines clear and not too scribbly! Though, I'd accentuate muscles and details a little more.

    That's about it. You're doing great! Keep on that amazing work bud!

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    Thankyou Torrilin for the critique, you are right am avoiding any sense of light and dark right now and will take it up next. Thanks again!

    Thankyou Swen, have been looking at you daily gesture drawing posts for some time now, they are really good. Thanks for a very detailed and specific review will surely try out the suggestions.

    Thankyou Pochik for the encouraging words:), yes am currently studying the form a little bit more as I run out of stuff to draw post 10 minutes. Will need to take up longer poses soon though. Thanks again for the suggestion

    Thank you Rosa, yes I do find drawing women easier than men, and the drawings with men do look clumpy, will work on this. Appreciate the encouraging and detailed critique with examples :).Thanks again!


    Thankyou Swen, have been looking at you daily gesture drawing posts for some time now, they are really good. Thanks for a very detailed and specific review will surely try out the suggestions.

    You're welcome :). I find it more exciting to go beyond just drawing angles, anatomy, perspective etc. and use them as tools to help me express all the energy and effort the figure puts into the action.


    I really dont see anything you could improve on gesture wise, from now i think you should try working on the hard details, making it look like proper figure drawing, a soft body instead of the rough shape.


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