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  • #26914 I'm having some problems, I don't know how to construct their heads and position them in space. As you can see they look flat and out of place, and weird. how do i practice making the head look right and 3d? thanks :)

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    Connieeee, way to go on your 5 minute faces and expressions, that's very good graphic shapes and lines, and spaces, too!

    If I was to give you some totally honest and sincere advice, it would be this: Here:

    I love the silhouettes and how organically they read as the outlines of your heads, but I think they're they're, still, I really don't feel like there is enough cartooniness in the faces. Would you please push these positive shapes, and pull those negative spaces?? Why don't you please loosen up and liven up those facial expressions, with 30 minutes of 2 minute drawings? (15 2 minute expression drawings)

    The reason why you could do these critiques is because, it can, shall, and will be able to develop and refine your eye for design, and to help your current goal. If it's to help improve and caricature my perception of spaces on my faces and head angles, then I suggest, allow, and encourage you to go ahead with it.

    For more information on how to quick sketch your heads and facial features, then please check out this video.

    Cheers to you, Connie!


    Thank you so much for your well thought out response. I really appreciate your advice. I've watched some of the proko video on loomis heads, but I think I'll revisit it. I agree that there isn't enough looseness in the facial features, I think I really need to work on placement as well. I like your observation :)


    Look at the face as a 3d shape that you render in 2d, instead of a selection of flat lines. Make lines that appear closer thicker and lines that appear farther away thinner to give off this feeling of depth for example. Might be worth trying some more 'loose' drawings where you draw in curved lines. Remember there are no straight lines in nature! Everything has a slight curve to them.

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