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    I don't know what I am doing, I'm not good at all. So I'm posting here....meh.


    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I like your composition, are you using a reference or from imagination?


    I used this reference:


    Can't draw from imagination yet.


    Are furred creatures your main goal in art? What exactly are you trying to improve on?

    I think in the example you've shown, it's better to work from referencing the real animal (wolves) instead of drawing from a stylized fantasy creature. If you know wolf anatomy, you can stylize what you see into your own werewolf. The artist who drew the werewolf has changed the anatomy of a wolf to fit his or her idea of a werewolf, which tends to be a poor foundation to learn from. (Think of it like trying to learn how to draw realism by learning how to draw a cartoon character - you need to know how to draw a realistic person before you can stylize them into cartoons, otherwise even cartoons don't make a whole lot of sense).

    It's a bit difficult to give more advice right now, so if you can tell us your goals and what you'd like to improve on, we can give you a ton more help. :)


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