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    Hi there LoA crew!!
    Thanks for all the great work, and very user/artist friendly website!!

    Even tho I really dig this site, cause of the tremendous help it is for artists, there something bothering me ^^

    It is, relating the Figure section, the lack of more natural/casual/day-to-day poses, instead of almost always having [hero]action poses and ninjas and muscled warriors full of guns, and dancers, and princess of the forest and witches kinda references... Although these are very very helpful, they are way too epic and specific in context ...

    I grieve not having some more natural, ordinary, day-to-day poses, with normal people (instead of almost exclusively athletic body types...).
    - a girl/boy in bed reading a book or on laptop.
    - People watching movies/horror movies, etc
    - [dressed] people walking in the street (young, old, chinese, african, european, more urban or more formal, etc);
    - People in the coffee with friends;
    - People walking their pets;
    - People in the beach;
    - People in business suits
    - People running
    - People riding bikes
    - " skateboarding

    I know you'll come up with other very good alternatives... just be inspired with ordinary life settings; because when something is inspired by real-life situations it is more powerful, and gives better raw materials for making something out of it :)

    This would be something I definitely would pay for!!

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best regards and keep up the good work.

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    Hi! If we meet our fundraising goals that will allow us to finally shoot our own photos instead of relying on the types of poses photographers want to shoot and donate on their own, we will definitely have more "casual" poses. :)

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