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    Hi people, a friend recomended me this site and i see activity in the forums. I'm a bit shy and all but i'll welcome feedback, it's been a while since i recieve some so please be kind.

    Here are my pieces i'd like to show, 2 pieces of 5 minutes.

    Click here

    The more horizontal one i focus way too much in details, the woman was more natural. I'm trying to develop an style but i'm still hesitant with what elements i'd like to get for my own uniqueness

    Anyways, Have a great nigth, hope to see you in the post

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    Hey! I like your line work, you have great sketches! try to fit a full-fledged figure into the format (I was often scolded for this during training). try experimenting with light and shade and volume. I love your work, keep it up! good luck with your studies.

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    Thank you! I'll try to make shading with the 10min and 25min ones...i guess i'll find a way with hatching since i'm trying to avoid rendering


    This is actually quite expressive. Expressive is more important than strict dimesional accuracy. No one ever thought the Vitruvian Man was sexy.

    That being said, if you find yourself wanting to sink into realism in art, then the I would recommend to study a drawing methodology that permits quick assesment of the figure from a dimensional standpoint. The man's leg for example is good, but would be great if proportional AND expressive. Loomis figure drawing might be a good anchoring spot for you.

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