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    Hi, Today i tried my very first class exercise on 3d shapes and oh boy how different it is from dynamic poses... without an action line is indeed way harder to draw even ONE shape in only 30 seconds, how is it even possible to draw up to five when they are put on the same image.

    I also tried doing animals on this site, drawing them is... a different experience

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    You don't HAVE to always use the class feature ;) The option "All the same length" is a real option, and it is not considered cheating to use it, when it fits your practice goals better.

    Your animal sketches look cool. At some point you'll discover that drawing (most) animals and drawing human figures isn't so different as it first feels. Find head, chest, hip, and you will have found the gesture. Only that head, chest, hip look a bit differetly and are placed differently.

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    Regarding the shapes, am I doing them well or do I need to learn them before doing gesture drawing?


    You are doing them well. And, you aren't in for a sprint, this is a lifelong marathon, so you will switch between improving in different skills all over and over. Getting better at one thing will also help you improve in other things, so switching it up from time to time can only be good.

    If you are especially interested in perspective and line quality, I think is universally seen as a good source for that. It's another incredible time sink, but absolutely worth it.


    yeah, i was doing the 250 boxes challenge all in the same file... I am still at 45 and, oh boy, my brain cannot make me do more than 5 boxes a day


    Idon'tknow, I just wanna say, greatest work on your edges and shapes on your "shapes and forms". I love the spontaneity in your lines and spaces, but I'm not getting enough of your freedom of motion and movement. How would you like to please get the liveliest quality in your basic forms and still lifes with 6 mins of 29 second poses of still life?

    The reason why is because, your basic shapes and forms wiil get to be the most loosened up for you, to get the most loosest but therefore expressive quality to them.

    My hat's off to you.



    Try applying shading to your object


    About the 5 boxes a day,... I didn't go especially quicker, especially when taking in account the time it takes to measure how accurate the result was. If I understand drawabox right, that isn't a bug, but a feature. The idea isn't to get the 250 done and be over with, but to adapt correctly measuring a few boxes every day into your practice.... which I personally totally have been slagging on for a time now after I done my 250, and I should probably pick up again.

    Another guilty challenge is keeping an actual collection of surface pattern going....


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