Should the 360 degree viewer record practice time?

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    Right now, using the 360 degree viewer doesn't record as time practiced.

    I feel like sometimes it should, but on the otherhand, sometimes I'm not really practicing with it, I'm just looking at how the body shapes change as they go around without actually putting pencil to paper (or stylus to tablet.)

    I thought I would throw it to the community: Do you all feel that having the 360 degree viewer open should count toward pratice time? Yes? No? Some of the time? If some of the time, how do we decide when it does and when it doesn't?

    Open to hearing all suggestions and view points on this :)

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    The answer's 'yes.'


    It's ultimately up to the user whether they hold to the integrity of practice time, since I could potentially open a timed module and just let it run. I would only be cheating myself by doing this, and what would be the point?

    A toggle or option on the viewer would allow someone to turn this off or on, at preference.

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