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    Great work for two minutes! I really like the white outlines, they make this page pop.


    Hello, Vinn,

    I've looked at your animal sketches, and I must say, you're very promising at them in your very first post on them. Well, if I was to give you some very good advice on drawing animals, then it would be to please work standing up while sketching out the animals and other mammals? Why don't you please work out on 30 minutes of 30 second animal poses?? (1800/30=60 poses, all flipped and rotated in your photos and screen caps) The reason why you would and could do this drawing assignment is as a result, it could and would help you capture the gestures of your creatures more accurately, and more loosely and lightly.

    Good luck for you, and I hope you've found this definitely and absolutely beneficial and instructive.


    Awesome job! I love how animated and lively all of the sketches feel. The only thing I would say is that the horse at the bottom is way less "lively" than the other sketches, perhaps is you exagerated the gesture a bit more on this pose, it would animate the sketch a bit more. All in all, great work!


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