What are your artistic goals?

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    SOmetimes its easy to get caught up in the studying part of ART, especially if you have ADHD like me. Gotta remember that outside of drawing random figures everyday I actually have to remember that I want to do other things besides figure drawing. Putting it out in the world is a good way to remember that.

    My personal goal is comic art, inspired by manga. Like anyone else on the internet, I've always wanted to make a webcomic. Plus certain types of comic art can be translated to animation pretty easily, so eventually I'd love to make the graphics of a nice 2d indie game.

    Why are you guys practicing on this website and what do you want to work towards?

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    I'm practicing on this website because it's one of the few sites that I like the UI and there's a whole host of reference images. My personal art goal is to get better at drawing the head, the anatomy of it and to better convey emotions.


    I mean, those are great reasons to be on this webiste. But why do you want to be better? To just draw figures? Do you want to be a portrait artist? Do you want to draw better fanart of things?

    Do you want to draw something and have someone look at it and respond "Dang, I've never seen someone look angrier on paper before."?

    Is there a project you've been wanting to work on but just don't have the skill for it yet? Maybe my topic wasn't clear enough, so you don't have to respond. I just know we have a fine artistist who works a lot in physical mediums and we have a very enthusiastic animator, so I can kind of guess what they intend to try to do with what they practice here. Im just wondering what other kinds of artists we have here.


    I guess I never really thought of it that deeply before.

    I don't want to be a portrait artist, but I do like to draw comics and I want to get better at expressing the exact emotion from a character. An impactful scene won't feel impactful if I don't convey what the character is feeling adequetly. I don't personally care for if people see it/react to my art or not as I'm trying to move forward feeling fulfilled with what I do. It's nice if I get a compliment but it's not what I'm walking towards if that makes sense. The project I have in the backburner is a pretty long personal comic, but being an artist isn't my job.


    Thanks for responding man, its a personal topic so I know its a little much to let out into the world.

    For a few years I stopped drawing anything whatsoever, because i just got sick of the practice. THen I reaquainted myself with my favorite comics and manga from when I was a child, and saw comics communities grow online and I remembered the reasons I wanted to draw in the first place. I had forgotten to do the thing that I actually wanted to do. So I think its important to remind myself periodicaly why I study how to draw in the first place.

    Nice to hear from another comics artist! I only do this in my free time as well. I kind of have to keep a schedule going or else I don't remember to work on it all lol. I hope you get to work on your project eventually!


    As of this moment, to become good enough where I can create my own characters, outfits, poses, facial expressions. Hopefully I'll become good enough where I can work for an animation studio, or be part of a team that can create a beautiful animated story like Avatar.


    That's fair! I also stopped drawing for a year because I was sick of not feeling good about my art. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors as well!


    Avatar is one of the most inspiring things for nerds like us lol. Drawing expressions from the show was great practice! I should do it again.

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