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    Thank you, this was very helpful! I'll definitely check out that video and take your advice!


    Omg thank you for suggesting that moderndayjames channel! I've been looking for good online animation classes and it looks like they have a good one!


    Wow! I assume you're already doing this if you're an animator, but just in case, please make sure you stretch and wear a hand brace! Carpol tunnel syndrome is a bitch and it's hard to fix once it starts


    I really like it! I think the mouth coul be a little lower on the face and there could be a bit more energy, but overall its a really good horse!



    yesterday i drew a horse for the first time and today i was posessed to study more horses, please tell me what i can improve on! I kept making the heads too big and having to resize them, so tips of how to do horse gesture are appreciated! You can see the horses i drew in that link that says horsies!


    I really love how fluid and curvy your lines are! Like Alcyonair said, I think studying anatomy could help, even tracing over the lines of muscles in photos of people to get used to drawing them in different ways.


    I couldn't figure out how to upload photos although i know ive done it before! So I've just put a link to my drive folder with all my practice files, with comenting on, but you can comment here or there, wherever. The first 9 files you'll see are all ones that I haven't gotten critique on yet, as I haven't actually asked for critique from line-of-action ppl in a while lol. Please feel free to critique whichever one you want, i mostly would like critique and advice on how to make my hands more snappy and i guess cartoony? fluid? smooth? im not sure, my goal is to draw hands without a ref that are simple but look like they have weight to them, but im not good with words. And how to make my figures more fluid and energetic. I can do pretty good ones if i redline the "bones" before drawing the figure, but when drawing from a ref that isn't right next to my drawing, or without a ref, i cant seem to get that same energy and confidence in my lines. They end up looking stiff and boney. I'd love to know if there are any good practicing techniques that have worked for you.


    ok i figured it out but idk how to embed the photo, but heres a link: practice drawings google drive!


    how to i post pictures????? im so confused


    I only just started practicing gestures/figure drawing, even though i've been a professional artist for years lol. I want to mainly practice putting more energy into the bodies i draw and making them more natural, ande making it easier for me to draw full bodies, since i have a bad habit of only doing portraits. I'd love some critique on proportions too, and really whatever i need improving on. i want to draw cartoons again so i need to get better at simple bodies that still look like... bodies lol