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My name is Molly and I am retired from my job at Seattle as a City Planner and my 20 year career in the Air Force. I finally have time to solely concentrate on art and developing my skills. I have been involved with art for most of my life from grade school to college and study at private academies. So I am at a certain point but want to be better.

The things that prevent me from art include fibromyalgia and chronic depression (both well medicated) and my husband and two dogs :) Duchess is a five year old german shepherd and Dixie is an almost two year old golden retriever. Dixie is our second retriever following our Ozzie who passed of a grand mal seizure December 26, 2000 which was also his birthday. Before these guys I had akitas and I adore the breed but I am too compromised to manage a big strong akita. I am 67 on January 30,2022.
I have lived in Molalla, Oregon for the past twelve years and before that I lived in Washington State in Seattle and Whidbey Island. I moved here to be with my current husband Monte who I originally met in aircraft maintenance technical school in the Air Force. In 1974 we had the world in our hands and became very close. But we parted eventually (we were too young) and di not meet again until I found him on Facebook. We arranged a meeting and that was it.

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