Cylinders (over a photo) according to Mark Brunet videos

by Ailinon, May 4th 2021 © 2021 Ailinon

I like how the volume of the drawing is obtained. It is not as difficult as it seemed, but it is not accurate enough yet.


they're very well done. because its so simple they're so simple theres not much to criticize. its a strong base for a strong drawing. though i would note that you should give some of them a gesture line for the neck if you intend to use it as a base for another drawing. and never us the pale yellow on white, its not very easy to see. thankfully its not overlapping itself.


Thank you! Espesially about yellow, yes, it bothered me too. Yucky =)

Polyvios Animations

Way to go on your cylinders, Ailinon. Nice cylinders.

Again, if I was to make yet another further recommendation, I'd like you to go for more forces in your acting, actions, and feelings in 153 minutes of 28 second still poses, and motion poses. Will you please do this? (153 x 60/28/6 days, 9180/28/6, an estimated 328/6=about 55 a day)

The reason why you would and could do this trick is because, though your gesture feeling drawings will be more organic, so would it be applied to make your cylinder limbs much maleable.

Good luck to you, and cheers on your current goal! (If you know it precisely)

Polyvios Animations.


Thank you!

I'm actually on my way to finish your last advice (120 more minutes of 30-second ruff poses (all flipped horizontally and/or vertically) (7200/30=240 crude scribbles)), so tomorrow I believe I'll be able to finish it =)

Silvercloud 18

These look good! One thing you might want to try if you keep going with these is giving them a line of action to keep them loose, because if you tried to use these as a base for a drawing, it would likely end up pretty stiff. Keep it up!

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