Paper Wasp - 2 days

by Morgan Want, November 1st 2021 © 2021 Morgan Want
Kim - Site admin

I love this!! Beautiful color work.

I'm having a little trouble understanding the structure of the left wing - it seems translucent to the point that one of the legs is fully poking through it. Is it maybe torn?

Morgan Want

The wing is fairly transparent but what's happening mostly is motion blur, so the leg was fairly more visisble beneath the left wing. It still could have been painted with more finesse but motion blur was a little difficult to nail down. Any suggestions?

Kim - Site admin

OH, that makes sense. Motion blur is wickedly hard to capture. I might suggest trying an experiment where you exaggerate the motion blur a little beyond what is in the image to try and get it to carry over to the gentler realm of water colors in a more clear way, but I might be on the wrong track myself.

Polyvios Animations

Wonderfully exceptional job on your wasp illustration, Morgan. I love how much of the chroma, tones and color in your watercolor/gouache illustration of that wasp, as if it's for a physical children's book. Way to go on your painting and illustration.

My suggestion is that though your realism of the insect is spot on, but where's the caricature and distortion of the bug's design? Would you like to help exaggerate and caricature your paper wasp with 30 more minutes of 30 second animals and insects?? (60 drawings and doodles)

As a result, as I'm saying, is that your satires will become the most fluidest, alive and liveliest. Practice makes better, and better makes perfect.

Good luck, and I hope it'll be beneficial even more.

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