From last nights 2 hour session (9/12/2018)

by Line, September 13th 2018 © 2018 Line

I usually never do this long a pose and stick to 10-20 minute tops so I got to render more than I ever have and noticed rendering is hard! The longer you render something the less of the life of the figure and you keep making it stiffer and stiffer. It was fun though and will probably do another session today unlocking them achievements X).

Any pointers are still welcome!
I was focusing on light and dark (tried at least :3) I wanted the eye go to the face but it's poorly lit so everything I worked for just made the eye directly go for her bum instead. I'm basically just uploading it as a milestone I can look back at.

If you're looking back at this and feel like you're doing a poopy job, remember: everything is made out of poop.