63 new photos from Betsy and David Art Models

Betsy holding a piece of pottery on her shoulder in a classic art model poseI am so pleased to announce the addition of 63 new photos for all members of the Line of Action community to enjoy studying with, free of charge!

With the rebuild of Line of Action came a new way of expanding our library of photos - a little link called Submit Photos that (for now) is quiet and unassuming, not calling too much attention to itself. We're waiting to make sure we've got all the major bugs worked out before heavily publicizing it. With the help of brave early adopters Betsy and David Art Models, we've taken leaps and bounds in working out the kinks in the system, and gained a fabulous new collection of photos!

Betsy and David Art Models are a team of professional art models working out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Betsy is known around Pittsburgh as "the smiling model." She can hold a smile for hours in painting sessions. At the universities she's had to learn to neutralize the smile, as some instructors prefer neutral expression in drawing classes.

Together, this generous pair has provided us with 45 new nude figure study images, both male and female. Unlike the bulk of our figure study photos so far - which were not specifically intended for training artists when they were staged and taken - all of Betsy and David's photos were created with the specific intention of providing useful study material for artists. Many of these photos were even taken during actual studio sessions with art students in attendance!

Betsy pulling on a rope

David posing with a staff or walking stick prop

David posing in a curled up position

They have also contributed 18 new images for the faces and expressions tool - in true Betsy form, most of Betsy's are of happy expressions, though there's a handful of nuetral faces mixed into the bunch.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Betsy and David Art Models for sharing their craft with our community. It's clear they are both talented and experienced fine art models, and I can't wait to see what they'll have for us all next!

Comments on "63 new photos from Betsy and David Art Models"


Hurray! Thanks Betsy and David, this means a lot to us! ?

Windmill Key

I -thought- I'd noticed some cool new pics during yesterday's sketches!
Thank you, Betsy and David! ^^ The few I've seen so far have been top notch.

Sanne - Site moderator

I'm loving these new additions!! It adds some great variety and a fresh breath of air for those of us who have been cycling through the same images for a couple of years now.

It's very evident that both Betsy and David are comfortable modeling and their pictures feel very organic, something I don't always see in gesture practice material on the internet in general. I'm a fan! :)

Mx. Abi

I literally sat at my kitchen table and clapped in joy when I read this! This is a HUGE thing and I am beyond excited.
My most sincere gratitude to Betsy and David! Thank you so much for the generous gift!


Thank you guys so much, this is really awesome :)


Thank you awesome models, both in figure and face/expression really appreciate!


thank you so much for this addition ! :) is allways great to have new material to work with. Also the new models are great and have lots of interesting poses.


Yay! Thank you!

Adan wevany (unregistered visitor)

Muito bom. É sempre bom maior acervo

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