Last day of our fundraiser!

We are roughly 80% of the way to our first funding goal! This tier is the one that's going to enable us to rebuild the underlying code of the site, making it faster and stronger in the face of huge worldwide demand. It will enable us to keep the site running for many more years to come, even as demand rises, and offering our basic tools for free. This same code rebuild will suddenly enable us to create a range of wonderful new features that expand and deepen your daily artistic practice, and give the site a means to support itself and fund future photoshoots, features and maintenance without the need for big fundraisers like this one.

Don't miss out!

During this fundraiser, you can get an entire year of our new membership features for $25! After this fundraiser, this price will go to $14.95/month, or $9.99/month for students. Check out all our other backer rewards:

Backer rewards:

  • $1 and up: 3 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $5 and up: 6 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $15 and up: 9 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $25 and up: 12 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $50 and up: Everything from the $20 tier, and you get to request a specific pose to be shot in our next live model photo shoot (some restrictions apply.)
  • $100 and up: Everything from the $50 tier, and a Line of Action tote bag to carry all your art supplies in.
  • $200 and up: Everything from the $100 tier, lifetime paid membership, and 3 months of advertisement placements in our sidebar (some restrictions apply.)

What happens if you don't reach the tier 1 goal?

If we fall short of our $10,000 goal, we'll still go ahead with rebuilding the underlying code of the site - it's too important to our entire community of artists to risk not doing that! It WILL mean we won't be able to include all of the NEW features that we had hoped to at the time of our re-launch, but we will strive to add them all over time instead of right away. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far; you are making the continuation of the Line of Action you know and love possible, and allowing us to do even more for you. 

Comments on "Last day of our fundraiser!"

Marilyn STURNER (unregistered visitor)

hi i can nor seem to register every time i type my name it says error any suggestions?

Kim - Site admin

Hi Marilyn,

I got your email about this, and I'll help you through that venue so we can have easier back and forth. :)

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