More photos from Betsy and David Art Models

Betsy and David Art Models have been trickling us amazing little photosets all summer - you've probably already seen them in the tool rotations!

This includes some clothed image collections:

And some beautiful environment photos:

This is of course just a small taste of the photos they've added to our collections. Betsy and David, we can't thank you enough. <3

Comments on "More photos from Betsy and David Art Models"

winky (unregistered visitor)


Sochsar (unregistered visitor)


Charlie (unregistered visitor)


Annie (unregistered visitor)

I want to sketch



谙婕羽 (unregistered visitor)


天谴真给力 (unregistered visitor)

I think it's good!

Mock (unregistered visitor)


akuta (unregistered visitor)

good,but 我太懒了…

Polyvios Animations



Sugiro que haja também um sobre roupas

why (unregistered visitor)


Barbara (unregistered visitor)

Been trying to find sites where to draw from. Taking life drawing class but can't find models out of class

Barbara Jones (unregistered visitor)

New to this site I look forward to using it. I am taking a drawing class at PhoenixCollege. Been long time since I have drawn. This is 3rd art class trying to get skills back. One was life drawing and a semester but this semester I am taking drawing 1 to get skills back

王者归来 (unregistered visitor)

I want to sketch

丁彦戎 (unregistered visitor)


魏星雨 (unregistered visitor)

I want to study art.

herbsangs (unregistered visitor)


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