New Model - Sanne!

Our moderator Sanne has volunteered her own self to help us expand the range of body types we are able to offer our community!

Today's set is clothed, and features glimpses of her glucose sensor and pump infusion site. She made certain that these were included in the photos for even further representation. If you're not sure what these are, no worries -- they'll just look like two little plastic dots.


This release contains 10 images that are free to everyone, and another 60 that are only available to full subscribers. Thank you so much to all our subscribers, your support makes this site and photoshoots like this possible. :)


Polyvios Animations

I love those pose photos, Sanne. You’ve been doing a great job.👍🏼😊😁


Great Sanne! Wonderful how you ad variety to drawing and life, Thank you!

Learning Artist

These are awesome and really helpful, thank you!

Linda (unregistered visitor)

great! Thank you Sanne

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