News & announcements

News & announcements: Achievement badges for all

Achievement badges used to only be for paid members. Now, all members will be able to earn them. Since many achievement badges are earned through giving useful critique, I wanted to reward and incentivize everyone to spend time helping out their fellow students. Continue reading

News & announcements: 12 new animal photos

The animal drawing tool has gained 12 new practice photos featuring a very athletic Standard Poodle practicing hoop jumping tricks. There's even a bonus human in each of these photos, if you're looking for an additional drawing challenge. Continue reading

News & announcements: Skip class segments and snooze photos

Hello artists! A few small but mighty improvements have rolled out over the last week. First off, a new button that appears in class mode. Use this button to skip an entire class segment, rather than just skipping a photo. This can be useful if you were mid-way through a long class, but then lost your place due to a power cut or other unforseen event. Continue reading

News & announcements: Drive-in photo bundle

In another show of massive creativity as they try to find ways to keep live figure model sessions accessible during the Time of Covid, Betsy and David posed outdoors where artists could drive-up and sketch from the safety of their cars! This bundle was shot during that event. The entire thing is shot under natural light, though they add fill light at sunset. Excellent for tone and color studies. Add... Continue reading