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News & announcements: Teachers, Professors and Art Instructors! Info for you!

As the vaccine starts to roll out, it looks like we still have at least one semester of caution ahead of us. Once again, if you are an instructor who has had to close down your RL drawing/painting/sculpting/whatever that needs a figure model class, please contact me and let me know how long your semester is -- I will give all of the students in your private study group a full membership for the... Continue reading

News & announcements: Faces & expressions from Olga

I bet you guessed what today's relase was going to be - it's all of Olga's face and expressions photos! Olga proved extremely talented at both dramatic and subtle expressions, giving us everything from sweet smiles to wide grins, and faces of mild annoyance to absolute offended rage. SO, we've got the normal 30 photos released immediately for free, and a whopping 195 additional face and expressions... Continue reading