Advice for my figure drawing?

Inicio Foros Crítica Advice for my figure drawing?

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    I've been using this website for a few days and have been loving it! I did my first hour-long drawing and would like some critique/advice:

    Figure drawing link

    I'm still figuring out how to draw faces and hair, and I couldn't see one of the feet because the pause/skip bar at the bottom was covering it.


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    Hello, Timshel, welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, and how are you doing today? Say, nice job on how well but expressively you've drawn, moved, and articulated your figure, face, hands, and feet. Please keep up the great work. Therefore, the gestures of your mark-making of your facial expression, hands, and feet all seem a bit too stilted to me, how would you please like to loosen up your figures, faces, expressions, hands, and feet thru our interactive drawing tutorial?

    The reason being this a constructive comment is because it can and will be able to help you draw what you see, instead of what you think you see or what you know. But that's not all, it can and shall help you develop and refine your senses of cartooning and caricature by boiling things down to their raw possible essence. And if want for details, please look into this video below.

    Thank you, and let's hope they've been encouraging to you.

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    I'm in love with the shadow shapes on the legs!

    Maybe my main advice on faces would be: Keep it loose. Try to map it out with thin and light lines by throwing your lines in the general direction you want then go again aproximating to where you think it should be, rinse and repeat. All fast, all loose. What you will have is a bunch of light lines that become darker in the areas where they overlap because of repetition (And that's usually where it feels less "uncanny valley-ey?") Then you can erase or not depending on your style. If you're thinking right now that that's the same thing you are doing but with the body, you are 100% correct!

    Having an HB handy is always great, even if gestures look amazing with 4b and upwards. If you want even easier to erase lines, maybe a 2H could work for this. You'll save a lot of time in the long run, leaving you precious minutes to make some more beautiful shadow shapes across the whole figure.

    Did I say I love your shadow shapes already?

    Best Regards!!

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    It look like your lines are heavy, try using an HB pencil instead.

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