Apologies for absence; I'm back and working on LoA actively again

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    Hello all! Kim here, Site Admin and creator of Line of Action.

    I wanted to apologize to the community for going MIA this past year. My workload just got so high I was almost entirely unable to work on the personal projects that I love, this site included.

    I have made the decision to go to working half time in order to spend more time on this and other sites; Line of Action is a high priority for me, and I have missed it dearly.

    My first order of business is to address the known bugs that have been allowed to exist in limbo for far too long, chief among them the resizing problems for tablets, the black screen bug that lingers for certain browsers, and getting the pause button to stop blocking your view of the images.

    Once those basics are addressed, I have big plans to expand and upgrade the tools in a myriad of ways.

    Thank you for bearing with me. I've missed you!


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    Glad to have you back :D


    Thanks! :D Glad to be back!


    I too am glad to have you back! :D I'm very excited about what the future will bring us.

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