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    I have been practicing some figure drawing. In particular 5 to 10 minute sketchs and trying to learn the landmarks. I really don't know how to study this landmarks so it would be nice if someone give me some pointers. Also any critique is really apreciatted.

    Thanks in advance!

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    hello yotastrejos

    nice drawings, your detail work seems to match up pretty well with the reference points you've highlighted in your drawings - i'm not super clear on what you mean by learning the landmarks but from looking at your drawings i assume it has something to do with identifying joints or other large body structures.

    as i've done before, i want to recommend the guided practice that this site offers. it doesn't have to be followed religiously, but the varying drawing duration really makes you focus on different things. i think your "landmark" method is probably helpful in its own way, but you need a variety of perspectives and practice methods to get better.

    looking at your pictures, it seems as though the points you're focused on are pretty close to their reference counterparts, but the form as a whole is pretty far off. this is most likely a result of being too focused on the details rather than the core of the pose, and this is what shorter practice sessions are really good at emphasizing. since you don't have lots of time to take in the details, you're forced to pick a few general forms, usually the spine and maybe some limbs. when you do this at first, your drawings will be pretty unweildy, but don't give up! remember, you're just comparing what you draw to the overall structure, so your drawing doesn't have to be very good. honestly your first attempts in the 30 second range should probably only focus on the spine. 1 line, no erasing, try to get it right, move on to the next one. it may seem simple, but if you're trying to place that line in 3d space in your head, even that one part of the body can take a while to master.

    once you're used to doing these quick assessments of form as a whole, try to work them into your longer sessions where you're learning landmarks, and you'll find that having a general frame to hang all of your detailed pieces on will help make your drawings come together as cohesive wholes.

    have fun practicing!


    Hi! Im new on giving feedback, but I´ll try to be as fair as possible. I feel that generally, you did capture the mood and intenteion of the poses, even depicting strength and direction quite succesfully. However, the drawings are really flattened, hard to tell which elements are at the front or at the back. For example, on the third piece, the knees are pushed back on your drawing. This is a pretty common mistake, as our brain tends to ordenate the elements at the same level, I struggle with this too. Also, pay special attention to proportions and blocking, cause some silhouettes are falling appart when compared with the source. For example, you pushed the hips of the female model up, making it flatter than the original. To improve at this, always keep track of the original silhouette and proportion positions!

    Hope this helps you!


    The figures you have done are fine. I would suggest you do a side study of human anatomy - both muscle and bone structure. During you study make drawings, which you should keep at hand for reference. Why? You should do the study so that when you look at a figure clothed or nude, you will know the underlying structure. The internet has a good deal of information on anatomy for free. You need also to work on hands and feet. Line-of-Action has a section on hands and feet. Once you get the anatomy under control you will find then will go much easier.

    When I start a figure, I look for relationships. For example. maybe the head, hand, knee, leg, and foot lineup. Look for these relationships in the figure. When I start I use a simple stick figure as a structural framework. It is much easier to manipulate things doing this and make any necessary corrections. Once you have everything to your satisfaction. you can flesh out the figure. Because of your study and preplanning things will go more smoothly for you. You must put in the work. Remember: Practice makes better.


    That is very good job on your first tries, yotastrejos. If I was to give you something to improve, then it would be this image below:

    Nice drawing you've got in this pose, and a really great idea, too. I feel a little bit of stiffness in the body. Why don't you push that pose even more here? The reason is because, you will make you attitiude more stronger and ambitious in your landmarks.

    Furthermore, your landmarks are getting in there. But why don't you just free them up, in a 4 minute (240 second) figure? The reason why you should and could do this idea is because, your life poses will become even more looser and appealing to do so.

    Hope it's been completely and absolutely operative.


    Thank very much for all your critiques!

    I will study some anatomy and after working for some time i will post asking for critiques again.



    It is good that you are looking for landmarks and seem to have started thinking about anatomy. That said, when you draw you might want to pay more attention to what exactly is in front of you-- the angles and proportions in your drawings are a bit all over the place. A good way to improve on this is to use your pencil, you can hold it up to the reference picture to examine the proportions or angles and check them against your drawing. Also, in the particular poses you chose, it can be helpful to sometimes draw the negative space (e.g. the space between the top guy's legs). Overall they are good drawings! Also, thank you for including the models.


    Your drawing are pretty good but the thing that they miss is good solide anatomy. Also try drawing more edgy lines instead of wavy ones. This really helps with the constrution. And lastly learn anatomy. You probaby heard this already but this helps soo much. And don't forget to practice a lot!

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