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    Hi everyone! It's my first time posting here for a critique so constructive criticism and pointers are much appreciated :') These are 30-sec figures


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    I think you're doing great job on these, however I would generally advise looking up human skeleton proportions. It's not so crucial for you to memorise super detailed measurements like that 4/7 of pelvis width fits into the diagonal line of sternomastoid (just mumbling things here, don't actually try to make sense of it :D), but rather to have general "feeling" for how, for example, ribcage is way too small in most of these, as well as the void between pelvis and ribcage being too large. Things like that, hopefully this helps, good luck!


    This is super helpful and I'll definitely look into it. Thank you so much!


    Hey! These look really good for 30 second figures. Something I like to keep in mind that you could benefit from is that the shoulders are almost always wider than the head, and usually wider than you realize. Besides that, as I am rather new to this as well, these look really good, and you've captured the motion really well with your line of action and dynamic positioning for the waist in these figures.


    Hi Jellyfish, try to be more loose with your lines, also the ribcage in most of these poses look kindda small, you should update longer poses too for better feedback, but I belive working on perspective will also help you, just draw cubes and try to connect them with the line of action to create poses, remember to give them form


    Good morning, noon, or afternoon, jellyfishing, and welcome to LOA. How are you doing today? I'm fine, and you???? Awesomest job on all of your quick sketches in 30 seconds each. I'm the hugest fan of the lot of 'em! Please push youself the smartest and hardest!!!!

    The poses don't seem to have enough of the strongest CSI's. (Curves against straights) Would you please loosen up your lines fastest and funniest with 30 minutes of 29 second sketches from figure studies, and from cartoons and animations from SakugaBooru? The reason is because, it can and will be able to get the most in sync with your animator's drawn lines in your drawings and cartoons. For most inspiration, look up this. It can help you out always.

    Cheers to you, and your patience, practice, and progress.


    Hi, thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Good luck to us!


    Hi, thanks for the advice! I'll try this out, thank you!


    Hi, thanks for the warm welcome, I'm doing okay and I hope you are too! Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely work on looser lines and I appreciate you adding a link as well!!

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