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    Hello! Just registered for the site and love it so far.

    I did these gestures last Thursday. They're my first serious one's so please have at them. I want to improve very much. I have trouble with people and usually draw animals but I want to get serious with drawing now.

    Edit: had trouble with the link using pictures. I'm on mobile so maybe that's it.

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    Hello, I just registered here last week. The community here seems really positive so far, so I'm sure you'll get some great feedback. I'll start first by saying that the motion of your poses is really great and you definitely captured the line of action. I think you need to work on proportion. I would recommend doing the 30 second gestures and just mapping out basic shapes of where everything is. Then when you do the 60 second gestures add in all the nice detailing that you've done in these samples. The pose on the far right of the woman from behind is my favorite.

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    Hey Pterodactyl! Here are my random rants and ravings about all sorts of things! I try to give you a critique anyways. Hope it helps! x)


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    Holy smokes! Thanks for the in depth video! This is really my first drawing submitted online so that's a big deal to get help so fast. I've been drawing since I was little and into my early teens ( I'm 18 now). Drawing has always been one of my favorite hobbies but I don't think I'll ever do it professionally. Now that I'm in college, I can learn more about the things that interest me. Thanks again for the critique!


    Oh I see I thought becoming 'serious' meant professional ma bad ma bad. glad it helped either way


    Hello Pterodactyl365! Thank you for sharing your drawings.

    You have a beautiful contour line (line indicating the outside edges of the figure) and smooth strokes.

    Try to imagine what is happening internally: focus on getting down the skull, ribcage, and pelvis. You don't have to get the whole figure down in 30 seconds! :-)

    Again thanks for sharing and keep drawing!


    I like the horizontal lines you use. I like to put them on the shoulders and hips and try to avoid making them parallel, it seems to avoid stiffness.


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