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    This is my first day using Line of Action, and these are the sketches from the tutorial session!

    My goal is to better understand human anatomy (and later animal anatomy) so I can draw imagined poses and become a better anthro artist over time.


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    Decided to do a full 30 minute class to round out the day and tried a new format for separating my sketches. I think this went even more smoothly than the first one! I would really like critiques or comments so I can improve. Thanks!


    I don't think I'm the most qualified to critique but I can definitely tell from your 30 and 60 seconds that you lack a lot of confidence in your lines. It's very normal, so don't worry about it. My suggestion is to focus on shapes a lot more and not be scared to make one long and single stroke instead of multiple short ones. The second one, the female arching her back and looking up, in your 60 second one is something you should aim to so for every gesture drawing!


    Your 1 minute gesture drawings are looking really good! I can see the entire pose and they came out very clear, and theres definitely alot more line confidence. I think one suggestion I may have in regards to your 30 second drawing is to try to view the figure as a whole, so your goal should be to capture the entire gesture within those 30 seconds. Not necessarily a detailed gesture, but one that will allow you to convey the motion very clearly. I struggle alot with 30 second gestures myself, and I know they can be a bit stressful considering you only have 30 seconds, but its definitely doable! Try to avoid doing multiple lines in one spot for 30 seconds, as by the time you move on to the next part of the figure, you may have already run out of time by then, so do your best to see the model as one entity for 30 second gestures.

    The 5 minute drawing definitely looks on the right track! Its very readable structurally. However I would also try practicing making more broader, confident strokes, as multiple strokes on one line could really eat up time and make your figure drawing lose its clarity; its a common mistake thats usually a result of lacking confidence in your linework. This is definitely something I've struggled with for awhile and only recently managed to unlearn, but with enough practice you will be able to do it! My thought process for 5 minute figure drawings is: The Form (gesture and line of action of the figure), then the Shapes (the construction of the torso, pelvic bone, etc), then the Anatomy (muscles, folds in the fat, etc). These are things that just helped me personally, so definitely try whatever methods work best for you and the way you draw figures :) Theres no right or wrong approach!

    Overall, these are very good gesture drawings and with enough practice, you will definitely improve tremendously. My favorite gesture drawings so far are definitely your 1 minute drawings; I would definitely try to apply that same confidence with your 30 second and 5 minute figure drawings. Keep up the good work! I really hope I was able to help somehow. :)


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