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    Good evening, Tworpish, and welcome to Line of Action, and how are you doing tonight?

    Nicest job on your well articulated bones and muscles of your hand gestures and poses, but I'm not getting enough of the most boldest and most powerful gestures and movements. How would you please free up your range of fluidity and flow of your gestures and poses with 5 minutes of 1 minute hands and feet?

    The reason why is as a result of your goal to make your hands and feet less rigidest, and the most spontaneous, fluid, and flowing, then I encourage and validate you to do that. If you're completely and totally curious of gesture drawing of hands and feet, then I suggest you look into the Andrew Loomis books, Figure Drawing for All It's Worth, and Drawing the Head and Hands.

    Good luck, and my hat's off to you.


    Hey Tworpish,

    These look really good overall! Really nice consideration of the joints and perspective. To improve I would suggest more detailed studies to focus on communicating the form of the hand and, moving on from that, studies of hands with different shapes and from different ages (such as chubby hands or children's hands)

    Hope this was helpful :)


    I just finished an hour study of just drawing hands, so my brain is primed and ready to critique this.

    You have a fantastic inuition for the forms of parts of the hands. The way you use curved lines to draw the fingers makes them lively and feel realistic. A slight problem with the style though is that your hands lose a lot of their individual characteristics. If I was to see these fingers in say a panel of a comic page, I'd assume they belonged to an older character.

    I think you might have a practiced way of drawing fingers, kind of a default set of lines you make when you draw them. We all do this kind of thing, but for studies, make sure you have an idea of the rest of the form and its characteristics before you commit to that one finger.

    You gotten pretty good at putting a recognizable hand on paper, an impressive feat for any kind of artist. Now you just need to hone the details.


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