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    Could anyone give me a bit of critique on these? I feel like I'm improving but I'd like some critique.

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    Top of the night to you, Ash, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios, and how my we help you? Say, I love the loose, sketchy, but confident line quality and line-making in your quick poses to date. But, I'm not getting enough of the confidence but control in your graphic shapes, and forms, and the lines. How would you like to try out our interactive drawing tutorial here on our website? Which you can click here please.

    In order to do this learn-to-draw tutorial, then you can get a good idea on how to capture action, mood, and form in your gesture poses in anything. If you're curious about animation gesture drawing, please be sure to look into these following animator showreels (demo reels).

    Art Babbitt:(Disney, WB, UPA, H-B, Williams)

    Ken Harris(WB, Chuck Jones, Richard Williams)

    Eric Goldberg (Williams, Grillo, Pizzazz, Disney, WB)

    With these reels for you in mind, then you can study these vids frame by frame with the . and , keys to move frames forth and back, because you will get to study these animators' techniques, not to mention the fact that these older guys had work for Dick Williams in the UK. 🇬🇧 If you can study and study and study these reels, you can apply these to your animation gestures, so please don't be discouraged, for these things take time to develop, so if you want much faster results, then you could and shall treat these videos as you would your references. Hope these things have been completely and totally encouraging. Good night now.


    I really like how you were able to use shapes to depict the general figure. Now, try to focus on the smaller shapes in the figure. Maybe take more time and work on ONE really detailed figure and really look closely at the person's anatomy.


    hey there polyvios, sorry for not responding sooner! i thought i did before, but apparently i forgot to post it. (oops.)

    thanks so much for the tips! i've noticed my gesture drawings are starting to get a lot more emotive and well, gesture-y! and i've been making sure to study those animators. :D

    and thank you red, i'll try focusing more on the smaller shapes in my figures too, i've noticed in a lot of my overall art that's been a bit of an issue... nothing that can't be resolved with practice! :)

    again, thank you both for the critique, it's helping me improve a ton!

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    Easiest part of this critique and I can tell Im going to say this a lot on this website; use more paper and have more space so that your figures don't overlap. When you draw this close together, you stunt the length of the limbs or torso in order to make the figure fit in the page. Its really hard to avoid unless you are consiously fighting against it, and you should be using that brain power to depict the figure.The jumble on the page makes it a little hard to see the figures you made that really work.

    Paper is cheap! Don't be afraid to use it!

    I love how you are unrestrained you are in each figure. You are doing everything you can to get the full figure on the page which is very important. But you can do less with more. You are stuggling to get the whole body on paper in time, so sometimes you seem to just put a rectangle where a liimb is, not taking the time to match the proportion to the rest of the body. It doesn't matter if you are drawing fast if you are practicing the wrong thing. An accurate line is more impactful than an incorrect shape. I would either extend the time you are taking to depict each body or reduce the detail, essentially draw fancier versions of a stick figure.

    Keep up the good work!


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