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    here is some 3 to 5 minutes sketches.
    i'll be glad if you give me some critics.
    as i think i should work more on faces. as i see.

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    this forum is dead


    ^true. In future go to conceptart.org if you want people to actually answer you.

    That said, you have a really good sense of weight and balance in these, which is cool. Faces? I wouldn't worry in these 5 minute ones - there's not enough time. Just get a quick idea of the face in there or leave it out entirely. I'd concentrate more on getting the feet too, which you're sometimes leaving out. Often a drawing looks better without them (especially if they're in an awkward position), but then one day you'll wake up and realise you have no idea how feet work.

    Trust me, it's better to get the feet in now rather than spend hours in the future just drawing feet.


    The forum is slow, but not dead! :)

    I really enjoy looking at your work. One thing I agree with from above is that feet should be a focus area. In the top right drawing, the foot looks a little awkward because it doesn't connect right to the lower leg. The shin is facing more towards the right, while the foot is facing to the left - that isn't possible.

    I suppose that's a matter of altering the shading though! Does that help?


    Nice movement in it. Show some more please! :)


    thank you sirs.
    i'm just having fun with this forum cause there is not so much people. but I'll submit in conceptart soon.
    for now i think you guys are right about the feet and faces. i'll work on them this morning.
    otherwise here is some other sketches from hundreds i did this 2 weeks. so please feel free to critic them too. because sometime we cannot see what are we doing.

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