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    Hi Folks.

    Just wanted to share another great reference out there that some may not be aware of. I purchased a book called virtual pose eons ago and one point I sold off a bunch of books and I guess that went with it. My recent direction had me looking for it again, so picked up a copy on amazon for only 9 bucks. It not only has a book of poses, but more importantly, a cd with quicktime VR Poses. So if you have quicktime pro 7 you can open up the mov files and spin around the pose. It's fantastic if you do sculptural work or computer 3d art. I just popped all 54 virtual poses on my hard drive, they are all great. You can purchase poses on the virtual pose website as well, but gets pricey that way. If you can find the book and cd set on amazon the most economical way to do it.

    Here is their website:

    Enjoy :)

    Get more practice photos

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    Thanks for sharing that. Looks amazing. I'll look into the technical stuff and see if i can dwownload a version. Think it would be great practice and good for wanting to compose pictures and paintings.


    Hey countfrogula, thank you for sharing that! It looks very interesting and useful!

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